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Current Mirror for ADL5304

What will be the current mirror if it is needed before ADL5304? The current mirror ADL5315 can only work with AD8305/ADL5303, right? What will be the the minimum detected current if current mirror ADL5315 is connected with ADL5304? Does it have other solutions without using a current mirror, that can allow the output current of a PD go into both a TIA(AD8015) and a Log converter?

  • Hello Anthony,

    ADL5315 should work with ADL5304, theoretically. I've never tried it. Notice ADL5315 output voltage compliance range is specified as 0 to (Vpos-1) Volts. The AD8305 Vsum= 0.5V or the ADL5304 Vsmx= 1.5V both comply.  

    The problem will likely be accuracy down at the low end of the current range. Sorry, we don't have any info on accuracy beyond the ADL5315 datasheet Figure 3, which shows accuracy degrading if input lower than 1nA.

    I believe there are many solutions out there that use TIA along with a Log Converter and No current mirror, but it would take some research to discover them.     -Bruce H. 

  • Hi Bruce, thanks so much for your reply. I forgot to mention that I am a DFAE and my customer asked about this so I will revert back to the customer and get back again once I got reply from my customer. Thanks again Bruce for your help.

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