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ADRF67810 Intermodulation Spurious Table?

Typically RF mixer datasheets have intermod tables showing relative levels for MxN spurious products as a function of IF or RF input levels. Is this information available so I can predict the ADRF6780's spurious performance as an up converter?



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  • Hi,

    We don’t have data on this. It’s a little tricky for the ADRF6780 as the output is differential. This means if the spurs are measured with a balun, the bandwidth of the balun will make the spurs look artificially better. If the spurs are measured from the single ended output without a balun the spurs might look artificially worse as we don’t get some of the cancellation because the output is differential. The best thing to do is order the eval board and make the measurement with the balun that you intend to use.


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