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ADMV1014 maximum LO input frequency


In my application I would like to use the ADMV1014 LO port up 10.6GHz as it simplifies the design.   The datasheet states that the maximum LO is 10.25GHz.  

The graphs in the datasheet seem to suggest that this configuration will be OK.  For instance, Figure 6 shows a graph of conversion gain vs RF Frequency, with a baseband frequency of 100MHz.  Therefore, presumably the LO range used for this plot was 5.725GHz to 11.225GHz, well exceeding the datasheet LO range?

From this graph, the part looks to work well at 42.5GHz, which would have been measured with a 10.6GHz LO. 

Could Analog advice what the side effect of using a 10.6GHz LO would be? 

Thank you for the help.

  • Hi,

    You can use this configuration and the part is not going to stop working at 10.6Ghz. However, the performance is not guaranteed above 10.25GHz.

    The ADMV1014 is spec'd till 10.25GHz as the conversion gain starts rolling off at LO frequencies >10.25GHz. Please see the PERFORMANCE ACROSS RF FREQUENCY AT FIXED IF AND BASEBAND FREQUENCIES section in the datasheet for more information


  • Hi Mthahira.

    That's perfect thank you.  In my application I can tolerate a bit of conversion gain roll-off if it simplifies the design. Its great to know that nothing catastrophic occurs if the LO is > 10.25GHz. 

    Appreciate the help and the quick response.