I work with the ADMV1013 AND ADMV1014.

First; I didn't see the model of these components on systemvue. can I have the libary of them ?

Second, I downloaded the S-parameters of these components on anlog device web site. I see different SnP files ( S2P files and S4P files)

this is an example file :  i_diff.s4p.

How can I use these files to simulate the behavior of ADMV1013 ?

Can you explain me the output of for example i_diff.s4p ?  

endly, it is possible to assemble all files to obtain ADMV1013 model  in systemvue? If yes how can I do it 

Thank for helping

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jun 29, 2021 6:02 PM in reply to IBMOTO


    The S Parameter data for the IC we provide on the website is the return loss. For frequency conversion parts 2 port S Parameters are not applicable.

    You could use the datasheet to make the rest of your model. The datasheet has the typical RF data relevant for an IQ upconverter/ IQ modulator. The recommendation to collect the data from the evaluation board is so that you have data applicable to your system.


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