ADMV1013 SPI Configuration with External MCU


I would like to configure custom ADMV1013 board with external MCU.

I have tried to send SPI data as below.

24bit(8bit address+16bit data), SPI MODE0

0x0080A4 -> 0x010000 -> 0x020FFFF -> 0x0301D7 -> 0x055051 -> 0x065000 -> 0x070FFFC -> 0x080FFFC -> 0x095705 -> 0x0A0E700

However, it did not work.

I have tested with EVM, but it did not work too.

I found the address of 0x04 was missed in the ACE program and datasheet.

Would you please let me know how to configure ADMV1013 with external MCU?

Thank you.

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