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HMC611LP4E Input power range


I have a question about HMC611LP4E.

(1) Is there a spec value of P1dB?
  (Or input power range that can maintain linearity)

(2)Is there any sample variation data for each IC regarding the output voltage with respect to the input power?

Best regards,


  • Hello Yuya,

    1) There is no min/max limit, but datasheet graphs show typical 2dB log-linearity accuracy up to +10dBm. This is for frequencies of 50MHz to 7 GHz. The log-linearity graphs are based on an assumption of individual calibration of slope and intercept at room temperature, for that particular test frequency. Notice the Abs. Max. RF input power spec, +15dBm. 

    2) Sorry I don't see that information readily available at this moment. But please consider, these devices are subject to variation due to the semiconductor mass production process. As a rough estimate, consider 0.2 to 0.3 Volts part-to-part variation is easily possible over a fairly large population of parts. 

    For best accuracy, we recommend that the top level design incorporate provision for individual calibration, which means a provision to store slope and intercept coefficients in system non-volatile memory.   -Bruce H.