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LTC5552 Spurious

Could anyone clarify and give me any advice?

Part : LTC5552

My customer made a test board that can test the LTC5552 as a single unit.
→ Freq. : RF : 5250MHz ~ 5850MHz / LO : 3820MHz ~ 4420MHz / IF : 1430MHz

The datasheet shows that the Spurious 2X2 of the Up converter is -62dBc.
The actual measured value is -45dBc.
To obtain a result of -60dBc, the RF input power must be -20dBm.
(In the datasheet, it is -6dBm.)
The test board is different, but this is too different.

If so, is there any way to improve this?

We want to get -60dBc when the RF input power is -4dBm.
Is there any way for this?

Please kindly help.
Please. Can someone tell me?

Thanks in advance.

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