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Are the HMC284A or HMC435A bidirectional?

Hello ADI community,

We have a requirement where we want to support the following two use cases:

  • Use-case 1
    • RFC is the input
    • RF1 and RF2 are the outputs
    • I want to send the signal from RFC to either RF1 or RF2. This is a demultiplexer operation.
  • Use-case 2
    • RF1 and RF2 are the inputs
    • RFC is the output
    • I want to choose which one of (RF1, RF2) I send out through RFC. This is a multiplexer operation.

In order words, I need a 2:1 bidirectional switch. Would either the HMC284A or the HMC435A work to support both use-cases?

Is there a way to figure out, from the data sheets, which of the SPDT switches from ADI are indeed bidirectional?

Thank you ADI community.

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