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AD8310 Evaluation Board behavior

Hi all,

I am using the AD8310 Eval board with no changes (as yet).

Basic testing used input of sine wave with frequencies 5, 50 and 100 MHz and amplitude ranging from 1mV to 1V p-p.

Driving AD8310 single-ended.

Measuring output with DVM and linearity seems OK. Intercept and slope are very consistent across these 3 frequencies.

However, 2 things are bothering me.

1. With no input at either INHI or INLO the residual noise (maximum level) at output is around 720mV. I can reduce this to about 540mV by shorting INHI to INLO.

2. For input sine 5MHz and 1Vpp I see that output is a waveform with fundamental 10MHz (sort of expected) but p-p of 600mV !! Is this large value expected? Of course, as input frequency increases the pp amplitude of the output decreases, but still much more than I would have thought. Also more than in Ltspice.

 I would appreciate any help on this.