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Is logarithmic RF detector ADL5513 a fully differential design ?


I have a question regarding the logarithmic RF detector ADL5513. In the datasheet
( on page 13 is written that it is a fully
differential design but on page 14 under section INPUT SIGNAL COUPLING is written : “The RF input (INHI) is single-ended and
must be ac-coupled. INLO (input common) should be ac-coupled to ground.” . Could you tell me now if this log detector input
is differential or do I need to ground INLO? I need to measure the rf power of a differential signal generate by the Transimpedance Amplifier ADN2880. If the above ADL5513 is not
differential, then what about AD8318 and AD8313 or do you have other recommendations? It should have a high dynamic range and
wide bandwidth like ADL5513. Thank you and best regards Sebastian Blank