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HMC920 default VGATE voltage

I am testing HMC920 in open-loop, i.e, no DUT (Amplifier) is being connected to VDRAIn and VGATE pins yet.

I am getting proper voltage at LDOCC pin which is being set at 5 V.

Moreover, VNEG voltage is also correct which is -2.45 V.

But VGATE voltage is +2.7 V. Wouldn't it damage my amplifier ? I was expecting something around -2.45 V at VGATE pin at power-up.

Pls note that Enable pin is being left floating, VNEGFB and VGATEFB pins are also being left floating. 

Also note that my amplifier maximum rating for VGATE voltage is from -3 V to 0 V. So +2.7 V at power-up of HMC920 would certainly damage my amplifier.

So, How to make VGATE of HMC920 equal to its VNEG (-2.45 V) at power-up ?

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