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HMC1056 IQ Modulator

We are planning to use ADI TxDAC part: AD9787 (14-Bit DAC) for our data-rate requirement with your I/Q mixer: HMC1056LP4BE as I/Q modulator. The DAC can support the load resistance from 25 to 50Ohms whereas I/Q mixer: HMC1056LP4BE I/Q ports (IF1 & IF2) is also 50 Ohms which is easier to interface without any mismatch. Since we are planning to operate the Modulator for our data-rate of 100 Mbps. Also we are planning to feed the LO signal (8200MHz) at Pin No: 14 and modulated RF output will be taken at Pin No: 03 as per your Functional diagram. Is there any additional considerations to be taken care for our above configuration for our requirement of 100Mbps data-rate QPSK modulation. Regards,