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RF Power meter for 5G RU


My company has so far used "ADL5502" for LTE small cell output power detection.

Now, for our new 5G RU design we are searching for a part number compatible with 5G requirements. So far we have found "ADL5511" as the compatible version for larger BW. 

I was wondering what you propose as "RF Power meter for 5G RU"? and moreover which type of power do you suggest to monitor as the output power in case of 5G, RMS or Envelope? (as the available RF power detectors do either RMS or peak/envelope detection and few part number does both)

Thank you in advance,


  • Hi Sara, 

    There are a lot of choices here, depending on specific requirements. Consider the RF frequency range, power measurement range, accuracy across a specified temperature range, and response time requirements. 

    RMS is a measure of actual RF power averaged over many symbols of the signal. This is important for ensuring correct PA drive and output power, for example. 

    Peak power is important for other reasons, for example the system PA may have a peak power limitation.    -Bruce H.