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I am using the AD8339 Eval board 

The input RF signal is 19 MHz and the 4 LO is 64 MHz so since the mixer has a divide by 4 - 16 MHz, the output frequencies from this device should be 3 MHz, 16 MHz 19 MHz and 35 MHz and maybe other signals

I would like to know how to set  up the Eval board to get the difference signal at the output pins

  • Hi,

    We would expect two equal power tones at the output without any filtering – |RF-LO| = 3 MHz and |RF+LO| = 35 MHz. 

    LO should be rejected since the circuit is balanced. Same goes for RF since that would have to be leakage. RF leakage would have to be measured at the output and would be primarily determined by mixed imbalance and external board leakage. 

    The default component values on the evaluation board for the output filter would cause the 3MHz and 35MHz to be filtered out, so the output filter component values would need to be changed to not filter out those frequencies.