HMC1023LP5E : magnitude/phase variation vs temperature


For gain variation vs temperature, HMC1023 datasheet is accurate : * 3 dB frequency variation = +/-2.5% for calibrated device

                                                                                                             * 3 dB frequency variation / °C = +/-0.03% / °C

Have you more information about phase variation versus temperature ? Maybe, HMC1023 has the same behaviour as 6th LC Butterworth Filter with L and C tolerance, Could you confirm ?



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 9, 2021 8:45 PM

    The HMC1023 is pretty close to an ideal 6th order Butterworth, within a 0.5 dB for magnitude, so phase should follow.

    The closest thing we have to phase is the group delay, which is related to the particular fc.  As stated above, the 3 dB fc varies +/- 0.03%/deg C (over -40 to +85 deg C), and group delay variation is related to 3 dB fc by: 0.400/ 3 dB fc.

    Hope this helps.