AD8363_5GHz band schematic circuit

Hello Team,

Our customer is reviwing the AD8363 for 5G mmWave solution.

So she have some questions.

1. Could you have other schematic circuit for 5GHz band?

2. This device have to cover 800MHz Bandwidth. Is it possible?


-Center freqeuncy : 5GHz

-Bandwidth : 800MHz

We are looking forward to your advice.

Thank you.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 9, 2021 7:22 PM

    Hello Josh,

    1. The single-ended, broadband configuration typified in the datasheet and EVB should work well for this application. For this frequency, customer should route the RF input to INLO pin, as explained on page 15. See Datasheet EVB layout on page 28, noting how the EVB accommodates this configuration. 

    2. With the AD8363 standard datasheet matching circuitry described above, customer should expect frequency flatness of about +/- 0.6dB across their 800 MHz of spectrum. This means approx. 1.2dB total variation across the 800 MHz band. For many applications this should be OK. If customer needs better frequency flatness, consider either designing an equalizer circuit to drive the AD8363, or choosing another rms RF detector IC design with wider RF bandwidth, for example LTC5596. 

    -Bruce H. 

  • Hello Bruce H,

    Thank you for your kind support.