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Output Spur Levels of mixer LT5511 and LT5521


I have found that your mixer LT5511 and LT5521 have good LO-RF isolation performance, but their spurious parameters (Spur (LO-2 * IF)) are not given on the datasheet,while the LTC5510 give t he spur table in its datasheet.I want to know whether the spur performance(rejection of spur (LO-2 * IF))  of  LT5511 and LT5521 is better than LTC5510,or may you offer more information about it?

And as I plan to make the up-converting system with the freq. range as below.

IF : 50MHz ~ 90MHz

LO : 2.52GHz

RF : 2.43GHz ~ 2.47GHz

The output RF range is too close to the spur (LO-2 * IF),this is why am concerned about the spur performance of the mixer.May you give some  suggests about it?

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