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ADMV1014 QUAD_FILTER settings


The ADMV1014 datasheet shows 4 settings for the 4 bit QUAD_FILTER register, used to set the LO filter:

Is it possible to use settings other than the ones shown in the table?    If so, what is the response for the other settings?

No worries if this data is not available.  I was just wondering if more optimal settings are known for a given LO frequency to suppress 5/4 LO (for instance).

Thanks for the help.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your question. These are the 4 configurations implemented on the part. Using other values might cause erratic behavior. Could you tell me your requirements for the LO suppression that the application needs? I suggest referring to the LO spur frequency from the input of the ADMV1014 and not the mixer as that is the method that the datasheet uses.