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LTC5594 - DC2465A and DC590B


Sorry for my bad english, but i 'm french.

I have a problem when i vould like to trying LTC 5594 on DC2645A board.

the GUI seem's like good : device connected

but when i try to change anything (register parameter's or soft reset or any other thing) : i have a pop up with " Received address did not match sent address; expected 16, received 0016 "

and some times it's 12 and 0012, and then i must close the GUI with task manager.

i working on Windows 10 pro.

have you got an idea to send any configuration word register on the board?

Thank's before.

Carriqué Thierry

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  • Hi Shsiao

    Thank you for your anwser.

    Yes i have verified the i/o voltage on 3,3V.and the jumper on DC2645A are at the right position.

    I have allready all documentation.

    i have and spi connection with linduino board, but i can't used the demo soft for ltc5599 because the bit r/w was not at the same place (MSB for one and LSB for the other device). i have writing an little and simple soft with arduino SPI librairie.

    But now, i must working for few day's on another project and , i think i will doing the first test next week. 


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