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Analog Band Pass Tunable Filters (ADMV8420,ADMV8416,HMC892A,HMC891A)

Dear All!

I'm going to use Analog Band Pass Tunable Filters (ADMV8420,ADMV8416,HMC892A,HMC891A) for DDS base LO.

Unfortunately the specifications do not provide any typical schematic or circuit  for manage Vcnt control Pin's.

The main idea is to control the bandpass filters by DAC with OP AMP with the higher update rate  up to 200 ns settling time, without reducing the LO phase noise performance.

In my opinion the Vcnt pins are very sensitivity to noise, and If you can provide me some high frequency low noise application circuits to do it I will be apparated.    

Thanks in advance

Aram Khachatryan