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Selection of Suitable RF switch

Hello support team,

I am looking for a suitable RF switch that can be used after diplexer and can work simultaneously in full duplex mode with different tx/rx frequency.

Please find attached diagram. TX and RX frequencies are different.


Kindly request you to guide

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  • Hello,

    Yes I have checked HMC784A. It has a wide frequency range, which covers our both tx and rx frequency.

    but, I have had the below confusion.

    1. At a same time(simultaneously), there is a requirement of 2 operation. RFC to RX1(tx) with 2.25 GHz frequency and RF1 to RFC with 2 GHz frequency(rx)

    As you have mentioned in the above that RF switched behave reciprocal i.e. it is possible to have simultaneous operation of RFC-RF1(tx) as well RF1-RFC (rx).

    But, it(full duplex) operation can work with different tx and rx frequency, right?

    Thank you for your support in advance.