HMC797 Flat gain wideband amplifier


I am currently using HMC797 in the ALC chain. And I am trying to fit HMC797 into our LO chain. However, the LO chain does not have ALC and I've been trying to tune the output to be as flat as possible. HMC797 gain is quite uneven, resulting in a very ripple response after cascading with other components. I've been looking at HMC460 to replace HMC797 in the LO chain, it has flatter gain and is more economical. Do you have other flat gain wide band amp suggestions?

Power Amplifier requirement:

Freq: 300kHz - 12GHz

Gain: 15

S11/S22: 10

P1dB: 27

IP3: 40

NF: 5

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