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Questions about the alternative possibility of ADL5310 and ADL5303

Currently, ADL5310 is used for amplifying PD (photodiode) signals.
However, we are trying to use two ADL5303s to reduce the price.

In terms of performance, I would like to ask if there is any difference between using one ADL5310 and two ADL5303.

If ADL5303 is not a replacement for ADL5310, please recommend a replacement part.

Also, can you explain the difference between ADL5310 and ADL5303?
Of course, we will contact you excluding the number of channels.

We ask for your support.

Thank you.

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  • Hello swjung,

    Below is how ADL5303 compares to ADL5303:

    ADL5303 is wider dynamic range (160 vs 120 dB)

    ADL5303 offers PD bias output (ADL5310 does not)

    ADL5303 is lower log-linear intercept point (300pA vs 100pA)

    ADL5303 is lower Vref (2 vs 2.5V)

    ADL5303 is a little less bandwidth

    ADL5310 offers log ratio fcn (ADL5303 does not)

    ADL5303 requires narrower range of VPOS 

    We have no other dual log converters at the moment. 

    -Bruce H.