Adar1000 beam fetch problem

Hi all 

I have a question with adar1000 tx beam fetch in sequentially Step mode。

here is my drive work flow 

1. initial adar1000 register 

2. set starting beam position and stopping beam position. in my application start and stop memory addresses is 0 and 1.

3. initial tx beam0 and beam1 with default parameter .

4. Waiting for external interrupt signal.

5. when the interrupt signal comes, drive will apply ≥6 SCLK cycles and pulse the TXLOAD pin to switch beam.

6. repeat step 4 ,step 5.

when adar1000 using beam0 ,driver will update beam1 with new parameters once and fetch beam1 via spi bus.

Note: drive update beam1 before pulse TXLOAD pins

Figure 1 can help you understand it



However although i fetch beam1 but new parameter do not take effect when adar1000 switched to beam1,it still using old parameter ,The new parameters will only take effect when adar1000 is switched to beam1 again.

figure2 show this problerm


How to make new parameter take effect in next switched beam1 not switched beam1 twice?

This problem has troubled me for several weeks, I hope someone can help me. Thanks!!!

fix figure error
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