A Couple of Questions about ADMV4530


I've not seen anything in the DS to clerify:

  • Can the reference be different from the 200MHz specified, if so, what are the Min and Max values?
  • What is the minimal level for the Ref_In power for operation? Only AMR voltage levels are specified.
  • There is no order for the voltage supply activation, is the device protected?
    • If I apply only the 4V voltage, is there a chance of damage if I then, by mistake, send an SPI command?
    • I've noticed that on the EVB the output of the 1.8V regulator is enabling the 3.3V regulator, is this mandatory?


Thanks is advance.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 17, 2021 6:48 PM

    Thanks for your interest in the ADMV4530. We will be sure to add some additional information on next datasheet revision. In the meantime, here's some information:

    • The reference frequency range is 10MHz to 500MHz. Typically for VSAT applications, the recommended range is 50 to 250MHz.
    • The minimum level for the reference input is 0.4Vpp.
    • The 4V and 3.3V supplies can be applied up in any order. SPI signals and the 1.8V supply voltage must be applied after the 3.3V supply.
    • Also, the gain control voltages should be applied only after the supply voltages have been applied. If that can not be possible, then be sure to include the series 1k resistors on the gain control pins to limit any potential current flow on those pins when the device is powered down.
  • Thank you for answering,

    I have a few further questions:

    • On the evaluation board you have specified Pif=0dBm as the limit for safe operation
      is it the limit regardless of the gain(s) configuration?
    • What is the absolute maximal current for each supply voltage (4V , 3.3V)
    • Is there a program similar to the ADISimPll for simulating and designing the loop filter from the internal PLL?
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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 8, 2021 10:47 PM in reply to kosta_tr

    You're welcome. Here's some additional information:

    • The device can safely handle IF input of 0dBm, but of course if it is configured for max gain, the performance will degrade due to saturation.
    • It's difficult to specify exactly maximum supply current, due to a number of number of settings. For example if IF AGC is enabled all the time, that supply current can vary greatly based upon the settings. A good rule of thumb is that you could expect +20% additional (over PVT) from the typical for a particular setting.
    • Also, for IF AGC override, it is not listed on page 35, but you would also need to enable IF_DET_EN_OVVERIDE bit. If you will not use AGC, then ignore. Let me know if you need more assistance with this, as it can be tricky to evaluate.
    • The most similar PLL model will be the ADF41513.