AD8302 Application using Eval board


I am trying to use the AD8302-EVALZ board to measure the gain of a sensor. Right now, I have a VCO outputting around 930 MHz, and I'm dividing the magnitude of that signal using a voltage divider, AC coupling it, and then passing it across a sensor and a reference. I've removed the two shunt 52.3 ohm shunt resistors to ground from the board, and so the connections look like this:

I just want to check that this setup even makes sense. From the datasheet, with the SW1 and SW2 switches in their default positions I expect the VMAG output to be 30mV/dB + 900 mV, so if I match the impedances as shown in the schematic I expect an output of 30mV/dB * 20 * log(2) + 900 mV = 1.08 V. This is not what I see when I try this, but my test setup is not ideal so I want to make sure that the circuit itself is okay.

I appreciate your input and recommendations.