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Looking for a power divider

Hi , 

I have a RF signal which i need to provide to 2 different inputs. Basically the same amplitude has to be provided from the same signal source , and they should be closely phase matched. I thought i could use a Power divider but that is not available as a SMD component . How else can I send the same signal to 2 different inputs with the same voltage ?

  • Broadband power divider uses 3 resistor in star configuration, theoretical value is Z0/3. It means for 50Ohm impedance are 3 resistors 18Ohm often used. I.L. is 6dB for this kind of divider and 6dB is also the isolation between output paths. The phase is 0Deg. Of course there are other types of power divider (branch-line, rate-race, Wilkinson) with I.L. of 3dB, but bandwidth is lower.

  • The source impedance I am using is 25Ohms .The RF signal comes out of this . I think 18Ohms is okay to be  used in that . What do you suggest  ? My bandwidth requirements are 3G Max , would the other kind of IL=3dB work for me ? Are these components available with AD ?

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