HMC987 Default States on Power-Up

Hopefully this is a simple question, but I am a little confused by the datasheet.

What is the default state of the HMC987 when it is powered-on, in SPI control mode, and the Chip Enable is active (1)?

Table 11 depicts Reg 02h, which appears to show everything as enabled in their Default state:

However, the last paragraph of the Serial Port Interface description states that "The SPI control is required in order to re-configure the input bias network from its’ default state (Reg03h), to adjust the output power control on the RF/CML buffer, and to individually enable arbitrary LVPECL outputs."  Does the last part of that sentence mean that the defaults are actually disabled and the device has to be programmed to enable the outputs?  Or is that simply an issue with the wording?

Thanks for the help.