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ADAR1000 with RF Switch

When attempting to control the ADRF5019 by driving 3.3V out of the ADAR1000 TR SW POS,  are multiple writes required to register 0x030 and 0x031 because the chip is looking for several repeat commands or because the initial command may not result in output voltage from that pin?

I currently have no pull down/pull up resistor between the ADAR and switch, would I write to 0x030 and 0x031 before enabling RX or TX channels to abide by the ADRF5019 power up procedure? Or would it be one of my first commands after the LDO trim adjustment?

When doing a single write command to put the ADAR in a specific beam position, is it common that a single write wont be sufficient to update the chip? Or is there certain device settings/registers that work more reliably with repeat commands right after one another?

Thanks again.