ADAR1000 Measurements

WIth the ADAR1000 and connectors for every port (4 TX and 4 RX and 1 RFIO) do 7 ports need to be terminated in a 50 ohm load for a 2 port measurement? Or only RX ports terminated with 50 ohm if only the RX channels enabled?

Also, with my own evaluation board which has the same functionality as the Analog devices evaluation board, I am putting it in receive mode successfully through SPI and measuring an improvement in S21 but S21 is at best -10 dB without attenuators enabled. My SPI code is enabling all receive channels but only sending gain and phase commands for the channel Im measuring. Im using the same commands as in the Rx_and_Tx_Init_Readme.txt file but just sending 24 bits in binary rather than through decimal or hex. I cant imagine my board is that lossy and I know the RX pad is connected because Im measuring 3 Ohms between RX pad and ground.

Just wondering if I need to consider anything else, or if the sample measurement in the data sheet for a simple test is exactly what I should be expecting.