Respected Sir,

  1. I am a student undergoing research MS Thesis at  NUST, Pakistan I am exploring amplitude and phase steering vectors for phased array systems.
  2. I went through your video, and I have found out that I can utilize the evaluation boards for my research. Can you please answer my following question?
    1. Max Number of eval boards that can be cascaded, I saw two in your video 16 elements with two boards (8 Tx + 8 RX elements is supposed). Is it possible to make a bigger array, 16-64 element using eval boards?
    2. Is it mandatory to use the ADTR1107? We have a far filed anechoic chamber at university where the max distance between TX and RX antennas will be 10 m, I have seen in your video you have not used the ADTR1107. What do you recommend?
    3. Can you kindly provide a sample free of charge for evaluation before I place my original order?
    4. Can you kindly provide hardware at concession rates being a student?
    5. Can the hardware be procured from your distributor in China owing to lesser shipment charges and time?
    6. Can you provide the BOM for the setup demonstrated in the video (link below), so that I may not miss any stuff required to make  MY setup running?
    7. Is it possible to talk to your design engineers via zoom for technical discussion? 
  3. I will be great full for your support and assistance.

Video Link:


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