LTC6948 issue detection using Demo circuit DC590B

I am using LTC 6948 in one of my design, I have copied the reference design from the EVAL board of (LTC6948IUFD-3) with DEMO circuit (1959A-C).

It contain an EEPROM (U5 in the schematic), i would like to know how i can program that EEPROM and what initial CHIP detection script should be programed in the EEPROM.

I intend to use the DC590B  now to program  the LTC6948 using FRACN software.

but since i use an empty EEPROM in my PCB it wont detect the LTC6948 chip, then i unsold the EEPROM from EVAL board and place in my board, it detects and FRACN software is working fine.

Could you please provide me the EEPROM file to be program on it



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