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ad8342 mixing stopped happening

We have two Eval boards of AD8342, both of them are having issues as follows

1. First board: We have been using the AD8342 Eval board since a while, it was working fine. We are using the default configuration of eval board, using single ended IF, balun is connected by default. Our application frequence is 63.87Mhz at RF and 66.12Mhz at LO. We are giving 4-10dBm at LO and upto 0dbm to RF, but in one experiment the RF level increased above 10dBm, would this have damaged the mixer, if yes how can we repair it in lab. Now issue is that the output is not a mixer output but only RF signal is observed with the conversion gain of 3.5dB. The current is proper around 110mA.

2. Second board: This board has been working fine too and even this is with the default configuration. Suddenly this board is taking only 10mA of current which should have been around 100mA and no output is seen at the IF port. What could have been the issue with this board and how to trouble shoot this issue.