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LTC5594 power dissipation

According to datasheet typical power dissipation is 5*0.47=2.3W and it's a problem for us.

Can anyone tell actual temp diode reading from evaluation board or other temperature measurements (board near chip or chip itself)?

I'm asking because we can't use aircooling or heatsink. So it's only ground layers of the board (up to 10) and convection which can help to dissipate heat from 5x5mm package of the chip.

I checked evaluation board design files and  can say that using many 0.006inch(0.152mm) thermal vias under the chip is not an option for my design due to production limitations.

Obvious way to reduce current consumption is to disable amplifiers and i think it's the only way for us. But data in this regime is few (there is only one figure 5594 G46 in TPC section). And question about noise figure was not ansered...

Any piece of advice would be apriciated.


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