ADAR1000 ADC Init & Output Interpretation


I'm trying to use the ADAR1000's in built ADC to read out the temperature & power detectors and have several questions regarding it which I unfortunately could not resolve by reading the manual.

First of all regarding the ADC's initialization:

In the register 0x032 (REG_ADC_CNTRL)  there is a clock enable bit and an ADC enable bit (which also resets the ADC). Shall the clock enable bit be set in a separate transaction before setting the ADC enable bit? And if so, how much time shall pass in between?

And when should the conversion start bit be set? Can it be set simultaneously with the other bits or be delayed?

Regarding the Output of the ADC:

How shall the data byte be interpreted?

  • What is the resolution in terms of temperature? e.g. 0 = 0° and 255 = 255° (unlikely)
  • What is the resolution for the power detectors?

I hope someone can help me, thanks in advance.

Best Regards,