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Mixer-LT5512, LT5526, LT5560, LTC5562


I have RF input signal from 300 kHz to 12 GHz, and IF is 20 MHz. One of the design requirements is active mixer as we want a low LO drive.The frequency conversion will be split into 2 mixers, one covers 300 kHz to about 3 to 4 GHz, and the second one covers from there to 12 GHz. For the first mixer having RF input from 300 kHz to 3/4 GHz, it will need to perform up and downconversion together as the IF is 20 MHz. 


When I looked through the catalogue from ADI, some mixers are labelled as downconverting, while others are "downconverting, upconverting". For example:

LT5512, LT5526 - Downconverting mixer

LT5560, LTC5562 - Downconverting mixer, Upconverting mixer

So, are any of these mixers able to perform both up and downconversion in a single circuit?

  • As long as your application RF/LO/IF frequencies are within the active mixer's specified RF/LO/IF frequency ranges, it can be used as either upmixer or downmixer. However, many of our mixer products have on-chip baluns which have limited frequency range and in turn limit the mixers' usage as only upmixers or downmixers.

    The 4 mixers you identified do not have on-chip balun, and all can be used for either upconversion or downconversion.

    For your particular application, I would recommend LTC5510 for the 1st mixer, and LTC5548/LTC5549 for the 2nd mixer.

    The LTC5510 is a wideband active mixer.

    The LTC5548/LTC5549 are wideband passive mixer with on-chip LO buffer and require only 0dBm LO drive.

  • For the recommended LTC5510. This mixer is spec'ed from 1 MHz to 6 GHz for RF input frequencies.

    Is it recommended if we use it down to 300 kHz, as our range is 300 kHz to 12 GHz? Is there any potential issue if we extend down to 300 kHz?

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