HMC983 Frequency Divider Output stuck on 5V and NOT WORKING


I'm using HMC983 as a frequency divider, I have set all registers to default value,

Also tried to set 0x01 register to 3F3h, but output voltage on PIN18 divCkPFDp is always 5V.

PIN VCOIN is grounded. Tried floating and same result.

I tried to feed 30kHz frequency square and pulse into VCOIP from 1V amplitude to 3.2V and still same no change in PIN18 divCkPFDp 5V.

Also SPI works fine, disabled AUX SPI. Grounded DNSAT and UPSAT pins.

What did I do wrong? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

[edited by: Cardo at 5:28 PM (GMT -5) on 11 Dec 2020]
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