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S parameter (300kHz-12GHz)

Hi there,

I'm looking for S-parameter for parts below.

HMC998APM5E, HMC797APM5E, HMC465LP5, HMC5805A, HMC930, HMC460LC5 HMC459 

Although the freq response for some of the parts stated supporting 0-20GHz, but in the S-parameter file only have data showing from 0.01GHz.

Could you hep to confirm if these parts are tested and is it capable as low as 300KHz?

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  • HMC1013 will go as low as 500 MHz.

    There are no detectors that cover 300 KHZ to 12 GHz, that I'm aware of. You will most likely need to have two detectors one for LF and one for the higher freqs. The power detector circuits are getting beyond my scope.


    Jim B

  • Hi Carmen,

    It's true, Analog Devices does not have any one diode detector that covers 300k to 12GHz. You might consider LTC5532 or LTC5564 for the high frequencies, and LTC5507 for the low frequencies.   -Bruce H.

  • Thanks for your response Bruce :)

    Do you have any advise on the power detector circuit?

    Forgot to mention, we are looking for a power detector that has a dynamic range of <62dB. That makes it very hard for the likes of LTC5532 and LTC5564 to meet our requirements. That is the reason why the SDLVA looked so promising to us, high dynamic range, wide frequency bandwidth, as we are also avoiding to split the detector circuits to LF and HF due to board footprint considerations. Please let us know more info on the SDLVA and its application. We will only split the circuit into LF and HF as a last resort. 

  • May I know what the typical application of the  HMC1013LP4E SDLVA? We intend to use it as a power detector in our levelling chain due to its high dynamic range and frequency bandwidth, but couldn't find any prior examples that people are using them in such applications.