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S parameter (300kHz-12GHz)

Hi there,

I'm looking for S-parameter for parts below.

HMC998APM5E, HMC797APM5E, HMC465LP5, HMC5805A, HMC930, HMC460LC5 HMC459 

Although the freq response for some of the parts stated supporting 0-20GHz, but in the S-parameter file only have data showing from 0.01GHz.

Could you hep to confirm if these parts are tested and is it capable as low as 300KHz?

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  • Hi Jim,

    Thanks for your quick response. In this case I need to use SMD/die components, but it is still useful to see the datasheet of the lab bias tee you use. Thanks!

    My bandwidth starts at 1MHz and, unfortunately, RF commercial choke inductors are usually characterized from 10MHz.

    Best regards,