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Using ADF4159 for a CW Radar application


im studying electrical engineering at RWTH Aachen. Right now im doing my master thesis at the Chair of High Frequency Electronics.
For my thesis I'm going to develop a radar system which will be used for tracking purposes.
At the moment im trying to figure out what parts I'm going to need for my application.
While researching, I stumbled upon the ADF4159(, which I want to use as a PLL for my frequency synthesis (the PLL will be used in combination with the ADF5901). As im going to develop a continuous radar, my main goal with this PLL is to operate it at a costant frequency. While studying the datasheet, I was able to spot that there is a register (DB31; p.15) for using/disabling a "Ramp On"-function.
So here is my question: If i set the "Ramp On"-Bit to zero, will the PLL operate at a constant frequency instead of functioning as a FMCW?
And if thats not the case, could you recommend a different PLL for my desired purpose? I would be absolutely grateful if you could enlighten me on this matter. Thanks in advance! Sincerely yours Niklas