To estimate PA max drain current(ID)


I am designing power for PAs and I have a problem.

When I look into HMC8500 datasheet, it only tell me about the quiescent like 28 V at 100 mA.

But when I design the power, I need to provide the sufficient current. So I need to know the ID_max of HMC8500 which cannot be found in the datasheet.

So I decide to estimate that by myself, but I am not sure the way how I calculate is correct.


1) When the Pout_sat is 10W when input RF is 1W, so the added power is 9W.

2) The PAE is 55%, so the power supply should be 9W/(55%)=16.37W.

3) The VD is 28V, so the ID is 16.37W/28V=584mA.

Is that correct to estimate the max current requirement of HMC8500?