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Problem of switching output channel on the ADF5901

When switching TX channel of ADF5901, We find that the output frequency will jump and is not a stable value,and only happens when you switch TX channel.

Test chirp signals as shown in the figure below.When switching TX, we only configured DB6 and DB7 of registers R0


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  • I don't think that is the reason of the test, you can use the maxhold spectrum, you will see on spectrum anomaly, and the anomaly has something to do with the timing of the antenna switch, if you are at the end of the positive slope is switching antenna, you will see in spectrum remote exceptions, if you are at the end of the negative slope switching antenna, you will see in the proximal exceptions, if not switch antenna is normal.

    1)Switch antenna when positive slope ends

    2)Switch antenna when negative slope ends

    3)not switch antenna