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HMC472a , HMC1122 , HMC624


We are going to buy a DSA evaluation board. I am beginner with these stuff... We are between HMC472a , HMC1122 & HMC624a.

1) Could you please help choosing? Which DSA is  best for our specifications? We will buy the evaluation board of one of these DSA's. We work @2.4GHz and we need fast settling time (That's why all will be working in  parallel mode). We are working in 11MHz clock.

2) Can the parallel pins be controlled from FPGA pins? We are going to connect this DSA evaluation board with FPGA ( Probably LVCMOS or LVTTL 3.3V , is it ok? ). Do they need common ground or is it ok to supply directly from the FPGA Bank Output Pins?

3) What are the Switches intended for in evaluation boards? Do Direct/Latched modes are related to Switches or not? Manuals refer: "Directed Parallel Mode is ideal for manual control of the attenuator". Does manual means with Switches and only Latched can be used with real-time digital control via FPGA?

Thanks in advance,