ADF4371 Output Power

On page 5 of the data sheet the "RF Output Power Maximum Setting" is listed as -7dBm at 32 GHz. There is a note 3 that states 

"RF output power using the EV-ADF4371SD2Z evaluation board differential outputs combined using a Marki BAL-0036 balun, and measured by a spectrum analyzer with the evaluation board and cable losses de-embedded. Highest power output selected for RF8P, RF8N, RFAUX8P, and RFAUX8N."

RF32x on the eval card is a single ended output so is the -7dBm the single ended 50 ohm output power with de-embedding the board loss or is it the max power achieved at the chip if a differential 100 ohm output were used. 

With a power meter right at the connector I'm measuring -12 dBm.