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HMC313 output matching w/Evaluation Board

Hi all,

Our cust evaluated the HMC313E w/ 104217-HMC313.

Attached the file is result of evaluation @ Gain & Return Loss.

Target frequency is 5.8GHz, but gain is degraduation.

We checked the following thread.

They replaced the Materials for Evaluation PCB for 5.8GHz matching.

C1 - C2 100 pF Capacitor, 0402 Pkg. >>>22pF
C3 100 pF Capacitor, 0805 Pkg. >>>22pF
L1 22 nH Inductor, 0805 Pkg. >>>12nH
R1 22 Ω Resistor, 0805 Pkg.

But result is same!

Please advise us for 5.8GHz matching, DC block and RF choke.

Best regards,


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