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Hello Sir/ Maam,

I am looking for a mixer eval board that can be useful for phase measurement of RF and LO. The expected output at I and Q is DC single ended signal since  both the input freq is same. I and Q output of IF may be used for phase measurement. Ports at 50 ohm impedance and single-ended. We had already purchased ADL5380 eval board but due to its differential output and required soldering to change the configuration to single-ended and output of the same could only be observed on the load resistor and not on the output port that we have dropped the board which has even got damaged in the process to make the configuration settings.

So can we use HMC525ALC4 OR HMC8193 for our application? I am attaching the link of the board below for your reference.
Please suggest us which eval board is better for our application.
Thank you.
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  • Thank you mthahira.

    can you just elaborate more on minimum and maximum RF and LO input power range?

    can you just explain the setup you used for this measurement? Have you used any phase shifter for bench test?

    we are working on same RF and LO frequency so our expected output is DC.So can we do down conversion? So can this model suits for our application? 

    Kindly please suggest.

  • Hi,

    The LO has to be 18dBm to drive the mixers.

    The highest RF input should be less than IP1dB (13dBm).

    The lowest RF input should be 6dB higher than LOinput (18dBm)-minimum LO to IF isolation (30dB)+ max conversion loss (10dB), so that the voltage can be read at the IF output. For the HMC8193 that would be 4dBm.

    I used two RF signal generators that were phase and frequency synchronized and used the phase adjust capability of the rf signal generators to vary the phase between the LO and RF inputs.

    The measurement was made on an oscilloscope with each IF output seeing a 50 ohm load.


  • Hi,

    Additionally :The output at each IF port might limit your max rf input power. The absolute max ratings for the if port to source/sink current is 6mA. If driving a 50ohm load then the max voltage before causing damage would then be 300mV. If the conversion loss is the typical 9dB then the max rf input would be ~12dBm.