A question about hmc4069 (PLL) loop filter design, can active op circuits convert +/-5V pulse signal to 15V (likewise) tuning voltage?

hmc4069 PD output : +/-5V (pin NU, ND), charge pump current is 10mA;

suppose vco tuning voltage is 0~15V.

As you see, they are not equal , and the latter(15V) is higher than former(5V)

As the datasheet recommemded , the loop filer is one op circuits , more likely a differential amp.  

for AC signal ,   if the gain of amp >1, (for example , gain=3), the op can convert 5Vpp to 15Vpp.

but for pll, the input signal is a pulse signal. 

my question is : can this circuit convert +/-5V pulse signal to a stable 15V tuning voltage ?

or it is more likely a integration circuits? once the tuning voltage is not reached, the pulse sigal will continue be produced.

and is there any other requirement for op, like VCC/VSS must be +/-15V likewise  ?  

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