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Hello Sir/Madam,

I am using ADL5380 eval board for same RF/LO Frequency. I have Given both the Input signals through Splitter for synchronizing the input signals. With the guidance of this forum i have bypassed the output side baluns to pass DC value and at R7x and  R6x i have populated a resistor of 500 ohms.  Do you have any data of what should be the IP, IN, QP and QN data for same Input frequency?

According to the datasheet, the impedance of single ended output is 25 ohms and oscilloscope which i am using has an impedance of 50 ohms. So do i have to  use impedance matching circuit between Eval Board and oscilloscope?

Also when i bypass the balun, the circuit becomes differential so can i terminate the port IN and QN port with 50 ohm termination?

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  • Hi Ankita,

    The HMC8193 could potentially be used for DC output applications. A few things to note, 1) it is a passive mixer, which would require a large LO drive level of +18dBm; and 2) the output ports must not exceed 6mA sourcing or sink current.

    What is driving the requirement for 50 ohm transmission line impedance? When comparing phase between two signals of the same frequency, the output is a DC voltage, which would normally not precipitate requiring a 50 ohm transmission line impedance.

    Best Regards,