LTC 5562 full band operation from 1 GHz - 8 GHz

I want to purchase an LTC5562 mixer. Before purchasing I want clarification on the band of operation. According to the datasheet I have to make configurations according to the specific band of operation of interest. But I want to use multiple bands at the same time. Is it possible to use the mixer for 1Ghz-7Ghz i.e. 6 GHz bandwidth if yes what is the configuration required for this type of operation?

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  • I wanted to follow up on this. I have matched all ports to the the wide range I need them, but the output port is proving to be complicated with the Bias T. The datasheet shows some data for certain ranges, but I need 500 MHz to 5000 MHz. Looking at the datasheet didn't do much to answer this question: Can the mixer actaully hit these specs, and can the IC self-regulate the current draw?

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