TinyRad outside of 24-250GHz bandwidth


Is it possible to use TinyRad outside of 24-24.250GHz frequency range? What I mean is to keep the bandwidth the same (250MHz), but shift it in the frequency domain (e.g. 23.750 to 24GHz). I did a quick test with a spectrum analyzer and MATLAB scripts and it looks like the radar is transmitting fine in other frequency ranges, however, I'm not sure if the data is reliable.


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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Aug 10, 2020 2:07 PM


    Yes it  is possible to use the TinyRad outside of the intended 250MHz ISM band at 24 - 24.25GHz by configuring the ADF4159, and there is some margin in the ADF5901's vtune to operate approximately 23.8GHz to around 24.4GHz. You can see this from the TPC figures in the ADF5901/ADF5904 datasheets. Note that this should be for research/lab evaluation purposes only as we do not guarantee that the datasheet performance will be met outside of the spec'd frequency range



  • Thanks for the reply. I didn't change the configuration of ADF4159, just used the Matlab code to set a different frequency range and checked the signal output with spectrum analyzer, it sounds like with no extra configuration, it can transmit outside of the ISM band as below as 23GHz. However, should I expect larger range/angle estimate error if not using the ISM band?

  • thanks you your your good points.

    I was wanting maximum bandwidth just for experimentation, full waveguide WR-34 of 21.7 to 33 GHz is perhaps too much to ask, but another radar module does 24-26 GHz. I'd like maximum bandwidth, as that's maximum information collection. I'd probably be able to calibrate the system myself to find out what the effective bandwidth would be in the lab. But initially, i'd just like to understand what type of bandwidth i might be able to get with this system. Can you dial up wide bandwidths on the driver software and then just measure how the system responds?

    If i cant the the large bandwidth at the 24 GHz, then do you do larger bandwidths modules at 77 GHz which has ports where you can attach external antennas?

    Many thanks for your help.